The Ambient Team

We’re a bunch of geeky people, who love living in the Pacific Northwest. We’re also a solid team because each one of us brings deep and varied experience to the table in addition to our passion for our clients.

We need IT knowledge to be good at our jobs. To be great at our jobs, we need business know-how, communication skills, and strategy building techniques. What sets us apart is that we don’t just focus on technology. We’re able to look at the people who use the tech we support every single day and work with them to ensure their jobs are easier, and their business runs smoother.

Bryan Nelson

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Bryan brings over two decades of experience in the information technology field. He believes that keeping your network running smoothly and efficiently is the foundation of success for your business. His goal is to lead the team of engineers through a relational approach to retain long-term clients, who are not just a number, but family to Ambient. Bryan is married with four sons who keep him very busy. In his free time he enjoys sports, hiking and travelling around the Pacific Northwest.

Daniel Driskill

Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Dan brings over fifteen years of experience in the information technology field. He believes in the importance of staying current on the latest advances in technology to help your business reach the next level. His goal is to use his extensive knowledge to design, implement and manage your network for maximum productivity. Dan is married with four active sons. In his spare time he is a Cub Scout leader and enjoys running in various races around the community.

Joshua Brown

Sales Manager

Josh oversees client accounts, client relations, internal revisions and improvement to processes, and assists with offloading tasks from clients so they can focus on their business. Josh is the guy that gets stuff done. On his days off you’ll find Josh enjoying board games with his buddies or playing golf with his wife when the weather is nice.

David Driskill

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

David manages accounts receivable and accounts payable, cash flow, customer and public relations, monitors business planning and human resources. David has over 15 years of experience in administration and operations management, workflow analysis, and budget and business plan management. By analyzing internal and external communication, creation of workflow and workload reports, and adhering to strict deadlines, David is able to consistently meet and exceed Executive and Division management goals. On Sunday mornings, you can find David reading the New York Times drinking artisan coffee brewed right in Oregon.

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